Success at Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

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Donna Marie, Lorna, Aysha and Philip Brazier

This is the second year that we have supported Richard Taunton College and 3 students Aysha, Lorna and Valaria were selected to take part from 12 applicants.  Lorna and Aysha joined us at a recent meeting, along with Donna- Marie Janson from Taunton’s staff, to tell us about the benefits they gained from attending.  They both felt more confident and what they learned would equip them well as they moved onto University and then into their chosen careers


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a training programme for leaders and potential leaders and is one of the most successful Rotary programmes run by Rotary clubs around the world.

RYLAs are designed for young adults who have potential leadership ability. Whether you are a secondary school student, university student or young professional, RYLA will help you discover your potential and develop the skills needed to be a leader in your community, career and everyday life.

During a RYLA programme, participants will;

Develop leadership skills and character
Gain exposure to leadership issues
Explore problem solving strategies as part of a group
Learn how to arrange youth activities and community service projects in the community
Discuss and apply leadership strategies to leadership scenarios
Get to know more about Rotary in the community and find out more about Rotary programmes for young people


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